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My diary

I just wake up in this morning and I drank a cup of coffee with my bro and my puppy Dusty.After I ate breakfast I took a shower and I go at "work".I see my girls and we went to a photo shoot for The Beach Girl5 2010.We love our photographer Dirk Mai.He made some extraordinary pictures.We joke with him always.When the photo shoot is finished we going at Mall to buy some clothes.We have bought many dresses and swimsuits.Was so funny.After we going at BurgerKing.We was very hungry.We ate and going to buy shoes and slippers.Again was so funny.I living with my girls the best moments ever.When I got at home I called my Milezz.She was soo happy.Talking with she 2 hours and after I sleeping.He came the night.I ate dinner with family then I looked beside my brother and cousin of horror and comedy movies, ate popcorn and drank Coke.Their sleepet at 12pm and I sleepet on at around 2:00 pm so that I sleep on the day:P.Was a verry cool day.Good night diary:)=]Kiss ya Mandzz

Now you believe in me????

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